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Our goal then and now is to provide quality on time projects

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Alpha Helix was established initially focusing on machineries services for marine vessels. As time goes on, we then expanded our services with new organization to fulfill the needs in marine, land, oil & gas industries.


Our Specialization

Consisting of a team of specialists and experts on mechanical and electrical engineering, we provide quality services for Oil & Gas, Maritime and Land Industrial machineries

Machineries Services

Performing major or top overhaul for Diesel Engines

Diesel Engines Troubleshooting

Finding out the root cause for the damage or problems for Diesel Engines

Electrical & Electronics

Repairs and maintains machineries related electricals and electronics

Project Planning

Planning a project that is time and cost effective

Our Recent Projects


Feel free to inquire us about the services that you need and please provide the details of the machineries